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Home to Chianti wine, the Medicis and the Strozzis, Michael Angelo's David, Elba Island where Napoleon was exiled, and the legendary cities of Florence and Pisa, Tuscany is the fertile crescent of Italy where art, history and the pleasures of life shine on. Evergreen landscapes and breathtaking sights serves as cradle to the Italian culture and civilisation to thrive, and it remains today as one of the most appreciated Italian regions - one where the visitor might need to pinch on their arm to know they are not dreaming.

The Region

From its wine valleys and green hills to its coast spangled by the Tuscan archipelago islands, Tuscany feels ancient just as much as it feels alive and vibrant. Its towns and cities live on, never forgetting their brilliant past; their streets still filled of the murmurs of legendary rivalries between the Great Families that once inhabited them. This is the place where Italian Renaissance was born, where art took a new life and turned to the sun. Every stone and every hill, every rock and every paved street seem veiled by an eternal beauty.

Do & See

If you are looking for a destination where you can have everything, you have found it! Tuscany has a lot to offer for those who are interested in history including the nature seeking traveller and if you love food, this is truly the food heaven! Medieval towns, never-ending vineyards, quiet beaches, islands, castles, religious monuments, outdoor activities: everything is here! Whether you go for a city tour of Florence, Siena and all their neighbours or if you head to the countryside, you will not have a single empty spot in your holiday schedule. The only thing you can wish is that you will have enough time to see your top picks!


No one could plan a trip to Italy and not think about all the delicious pasta, pizza, pecorino, and everything else the Italian gastronomy has to offer. In matters of quality products and marvellous tastes, Tuscany is at the forefront when it comes to the Italian gourmet scene! Thanks to its situation between land and sea, Tuscany offers great meat and fish dishes as well as fresh vegetables, oil, wine and other products coming from its generous soil. Tuscany is also home to wonderful trattorias that are scattered around the beautiful cities and villages where to have a lovely dinner with your loved ones.


The Italians have always been the kings of the perfectly brewed espresso and the cappuccino made just right. Although the cafe scene in Tuscany is getting more modern, influenced by international trends, quality remain predominant and there are so many great places where to have a good coffee and some pastries that we decided to help you by making a list of the places you really can't miss around the region.

Bars & Nightlife

Tuscany may be overall a traditional and historical region of Italy, it still has everything you need in terms of nightlife. Whether you like to take your night wanderings to cities or like drinking cocktails with your feet in the sand, Tuscany offers so much you may have a hard time deciding where your next night out is going to take place.


When it comes to shopping, Tuscany is Italy at its finest. Boutiques overflowing with crystalware, jewels and gold pieces of art, leather or high quality Italian fabrics : the streets and towns of Tuscany would not be the same without their floating sense of exclusivity and luxury. But the region is also a constant celebration of traditional houseware, ceramics and terracotta plates, where the handmade is king. And if your heart has a stronger tilt for the pleasures of the palate, exploring the region's cities and countryside is always the occasion for wine tasting (one word: Chianti), trying some traditional pastry or marvel in the local olive oil and other natural products.

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