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Incredible Ethiopia

Incredible Ethiopia

Travel to Ethiopia and discover a beautiful country, barely touched by modern society. It’s an incredible combination of history, tradition, culture and nature. From 3 million-year-old fossilised hominid remains in Addis Ababa to the amazing rock-hewn churches, hidden crypts and grottoes in Lalibela, this trip take you deep into human history. The 500-year-old monastery islands of Bahir Dar, the elegant castles of Gondar, the majestic geological formations of the Simien mountains, the giant obelisks that rise out of Axum, and even the rumoured home of the Ark of the Covenant. This 13 day trip travels through the north of the country, taking in views of the Blue Nile and trekking to the peaks of the Simien Mountains (meeting red-chested Gelada baboons). You’ll be sure to taste the country’s famous coffee and delectable cuisine, and meet the genuine and friendly people along the way. This is an adventure like no other.


  • Lake Tana – Boat Cruise
  • Bahir Dar – Blue Nile Falls
  • Gondar – Market visit & cooking demonstration
  • Simien Mountains National Park – Hike
  • Aksum – Yeha Temple
  • Lalibela – Morning & Afternoon Churches Tour
  • Lalibela – Asheten Mariam Hike


  • Search for the source of the Blue Nile on a boat cruise at Lake Tana, then discover the churches and unique castles of the regal city of Gondar.
  • Trek the majestic series of undulating amethyst peaks that make up the Simien Mountains, looking out for the distinctive red-hearted gelada.
  • After learning about its deep history, relax in the beautiful streets of Aksum and watch life go by, imagining when it was once at the centre of an important trade route that stretched from Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea
  • Explore Lalibela’s unique churches – astonishing constructions sculpted from huge slabs of stone – that make up one of the world’s greatest historical and religious sites.
  • Meet locals for a cooking class and traditional coffee ceremony

07/02/2023 through 12/20/2024
07/02/2023 through 12/23/2024

Day 1 Addis Ababa
Day 2 Bahir Dar
Day 3 Bahir Dar
Day 4 Gondar
Day 5 Gondar
Day 6 Simien Mountains National Park / Debark
Day 7 Aksum
Day 8 Aksum
Day 9 Mekele
Day 10 Lalibela
Day 11 Lalibela
Day 12 Lalibela
Day 13 Lalibela

01/08/24 - 12/23/24

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