Casino du Gosier


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Casino du Gosier

Casino du Gosier is one of the entertainment hotspots on the island, with slot machines, game tables and spectacular shows performed in the lounge, music bar and restaurant. It is located in the beautiful resort area of Gosier and attracts hosts of visitors with its bright lights and promises of riches.

Bars & Nightlife

Guadeloupian nightlife moves to the beats of Biguine, a unique type of music and dance that blends typical French ballroom dancing with infectious African rhythms (although the exact origin of Biguine is disputed, in Guadeloupians will emphatically claim that it is theirs, and NOT Martinique's), while Zouk and jazz are also very popular on the island. The Marina at Le Gosier is the place to be after dark, with tons of bars, lounges, restaurants, and cafes offering cold drinks, good vibes, and great views of the harbour.