Terre-de-Haut Island


Copyright: Stéphane Batigne / Wikimedia Commons
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Terre-de-Haut Island

Terre-de-Bas' eastern counterpart, Terre-de-Haut is arguably more charming and distinctly French than the other island of Les Saintes. The beautiful bay of Bourg des Saintes, the island's main settlement, is bordered by pure white sands, quaint wooden houses and colourful fishing boats, all the while towered over by the volcanic "Sugarloaf" hill.

Do & See

Pointe-a-Pitre is compact and easily navigable, offering nicely-preserved 19th-century architecture, vibrant marketplaces, excellent museums and the lively Place de la Victoire, the central square around which much of urban life revolves. The city also serves as a great home base for exploring the nearby natural beauty of the islands, with easy access to the imposing volcano La Grande Soufrière, the Guadeloupe National Park on Basse-Terre, and the other idyllic islands that make up Guadeloupe.