Pascal Foy's Kaz an Nou Gallery


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Pascal Foy's Kaz an Nou Gallery

For some of the best local art in all of Guadeloupe, head to the island of Terre-de-Haut, where local artist Pascal Foy has his workshop and boutique. He specialises in paintings of local scenes and traditional Creole architecture, wildly popular among tourists and Guadeloupians alike.


Visitors to Guadeloupe can find many imported French luxury items, including fashion, perfumes, jewellery and delicatessen, like cheese and liquor. But the most rewarding shopping comes from supporting local industry, which offers wonderful handicrafts, rum and typical clothes and accessories, among others. Markets are a particular pleasure, filled as they are with the colours, sounds and aromas of the islands, and the numerous speciality boutiques carry some unique gifts and mementos.