Ampersand Eatery


Copyright: Caramel/unsplash

Ampersand Eatery

Ampersand Eatery, nestled in the vibrant Orakei Bay Village, is a delightful spot open from dawn till dusk. With a passion for all things delicious, Chef Mikey Newlands crafts dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. At the heart of the eatery, you'll find a bustling bar serving your favourite beverages at any time of the day. For coffee connoisseurs, there's the 'Espresso Workshop Roastery', ready to meet all your brew needs. Enjoy their great coffee, homemade sausage, and the highly recommended breakfast burrito in a welcoming atmosphere.


Auckland’s cuisine is inventive and incredibly diverse representing the multitude of cultures that make up its population. There are many seafood restaurants around due to the coastal location of Auckland. This means the city always has a wealth of fresh seafood at its disposal. There are thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars and wineries, offering everything from fine dining to cheap eats where you can treat your taste buds with yummy and fresh food.