Sant Jordi Flea Market


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Sant Jordi Flea Market

San Jordi Flea Market is open every Saturday and draws some of the most diverse crowds you have ever seen. This is one of the best flea markets on the island, and one where you will find everything from lingerie, jewellery, clothes to books, wine, food and plants.


Ibiza brags of having the largest number of stores in the smallest area in the world, and it really looks the part. On Ibiza, you can find a selection of the latest fashion pieces for your night out or cool accessories for your day at the beach. Just south of Ibiza Town is the resort Figueretas, where visitors will find plenty of shops selling brand-name clothing, sportswear, souvenirs and handicrafts from Ibiza. The well-known Malacoste market is also located here. In Sant Antoni and Sant Antoni Bay you can shop at large department stores and shops along the coast. You’ll find everything from fashion and beach wear to local souvenirs.